Mahabharata (One of the greatest epics of all time) - Amar Chitra Katha Comics App Reviews

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Inferior Reading Experience

The makers of this application have done an awful job. Not only is there no way to zoom in on the images, but even if there were, the images are scanned at such a low resolution that it would be useless. Even worse, the images are displayed so that the whole image appears in the screen, no matter what the proportion of the image was originally. The page turning animations are also a joke. I want my money back!


Absolutely smooth reading experience. The developers have done a fabulous job. The panels flow very smoothly. If original art looks small in viewing mode, simply rotating the phone makes it fill screen neatly making it very readable. With this smart feature, there is no need for frequent zooming at all. Thoroughly enjoyed the great epic in traditional art. Intend to check out Buddha next for all the reviews it has on the net.


ha ha ha LUHMANN, you take the cake for a weird review dude. All comics from this classic publisher are pretty cool including the awesome art in this one. If you are not a competitor attacking the developers, have you tried rotating the iPhone? If you are looking at the widescreen art holding the phone vertical, simply rotate it and the art fills the screen instead of having to zoom often dude.

Extremely abbreviated

I thought this was a digital version of the ACK comic I have but this app condenses the epic into almost nothing. Not worth the money. On the positive side its very readable.

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